Probably my favorite shot of the day. (Aside from the man with the cat shirt, which you can find here.) Advertisements

Out On the Water

Fisherman Red

  Things like this always embody a sort of perfection that escapes the people living right next to it. And I’ll bet this thing either stores fishing gear or boating equipment.

Trading Hours

  I didn’t really venture into the stores to take pictures (and also refrained from taking pictures of anyone living here) because I was bit intimidated by the shop owners and even some… Continue reading

“The Venice of Hong Kong”

Apparently that is what Tai O is nicknamed (by who I’m not sure). I’d be lying if I said the thought of borrowing this to get back to the bus stop didn’t cross… Continue reading

Hi Pup

  My favorite species. Even above human beings.

Built on Stilts

  What Tai O is known for: their homes built on stilts. Such a contrast to anything you’d see in Central or Tsim Sa Tsui.

Hidden Treasures


Fishing Town

  These guys are everywhere. This particular drying technique looks pretty standard throughout the town.

On the Bus

No filter on this one. Can you believe this is Lantau Island?! I took this on the bus ride over. In case you end up visiting, keep in mind that the ride is… Continue reading